Run At The Rock - 5K/10K/Half Marathon

Sat December 2, 2023 at Cedarock Park in Burlington, NC Directions
Race Day Information

Hello Run at the Rock Racer,

Welcome to the 18th Annual Run at the Rock coming up this Saturday, December 3rd at beautiful Cedarock Park in Burlington, NC!  Prepare for an awesome day of trail running action as you and close to 400 fellow trail runners traverse fun and challenging single-track and flowing equestrian trails.  The countdown is on, so get pumped and LET'S GO! 

Below is the race info email which contains logistical and safety details for the race.  This message is long but should answer most questions you might have.  Please take a few minutes to read.

Schedule of Events

Thursday, 12/1/22 (Optional Early Check-in / Packet Pick-up) 
Fleet Feet Greensboro:  3731 Lawndale Dr, Greensboro, NC 27455

  • 5pm–7pm:  Optional Early Check-in / Packet Pick-up at Fleet Feet Greensboro.  We encourage early check-in if you live locally and are able to attend.  Fleet Feet is offering 10% off any purchase when you pick up your packet on 12/1 – NICE and thank you Fleet Feet!  

Saturday, 12/3/22 (Race Day - WOOHOO!)
Cedarock Park:  4242 R. Dean Coleman Road, Burlington, NC 27215 (enter park and follow signs to race parking)

  • 7:45am–9:15am:  Check-in / Packet Pick-up (if you did not pick up your packet on Thursday)
  • 8:50am:  Half Marathon Pre-Race Brief
  • 9:00am:  Half Marathon Start
  • 9:10am:  10K Pre-Race Brief
  • 9:20am:  10K Start
  • 9:30am:  5K Pre-Race Brief
  • 9:40am:  5K Start
  • 10am–1pm:  Post-Race Food / Beverage (including HOT soup and Athletic Brewing Company non-alcoholic craft beer – YUM!)
  • 11:00am:  Awards / Giveaways (5K/10K)
  • 11:30am:  FREE Kids ‘Race for Treasure’ (Kids 11-U)
  • 11:45am:  Push-up Contest (Fun, fun, fun – all who participate receive swag)
  • 12:00pm:  Awards / Giveaways (Half Marathon)

Race Day Weather:  The current race day forecast (as of 11/29) is calling for cloudy skies, light winds, and unseasonably warm temps ranging from the low 40s in the morning to the upper 60s in the afternoon.  There is a slight chance for rain showers on race day.  Of course, the forecast can always change as we get closer to race day, so please check the weather on Friday and come prepared for the elements.   

Course Conditions:  Cedarock received a lot of rain this past weekend, about 3”.  At our visit to the park yesterday (11/28), we discovered nicely drying single-track trails and several soft and muddy sections on the equestrian trails.  A bit more rain is in the forecast for tomorrow (Wed 11/30) and then it is dry after that.  We should get some good drying on Thursday and Friday.  There is a slight chance for rain showers on race day.  If the rain holds off on Saturday, expect mostly dry trail conditions, with some soft and muddy sections, mostly on the equestrian trails.  If it rains on race day, then buckle up and prepare to get muddy!  

Volunteers:  We could still use the help of a few more volunteers.  Volunteers have a front row seat to all the action, get a sweet race HOODIE, free food, $15 off a future Roadless Races event, and our sincere appreciation.  Plus, volunteering is fun!  If any of your friends/family would like to volunteer, please ask them to SIGN UP HERE.  Thank you.

Registration:  The race is ALMOST FULL, and we only have 20 SPOTS REMAINING.  Race day registration will likely NOT BE AVAILABLE.  If you have friends or family that intend to race, please give them a heads up.   

Address for Cedarock Park:  4242 R. Dean Coleman Road, Burlington, NC 27215

Parking:  After entering the park, follow the signs to race parking.  Our volunteers will be controlling the flow of traffic to maximize available space.  We will fill the huge field first and then switch to the gravel lot after that. 

Early Check-in/Packet Pick-up (Optional):  Optional early check-in/packet pick-up will be available at the Fleet Feet Greensboro store on Thursday, 12/1 from 5pm-7pm.  At check-in you will receive your bib number (with timing chip) and your awesome hoodie.  Fleet Feet is offering a 10% discount on any purchases during 12/1 check-in.  If you are checking-in on Thursday, you do not need to get to the venue quite as early on race day.  If you are checking in on Thursday, we recommend arriving at the park on race day at least 30 minutes before your start time.  

Check-in/Packet Pick-Up:   Check-in/packet pick-up will be available from 7:45am-9:15am on race day, Sat, 12/3. If you check-in on Thursday, you DO NOT need to check-in on Saturday.  At check-in you will receive your bib number (with timing chip) and your awesome hoodie.  Please arrive early to help alleviate backups.  It takes time to park, check-in, use the bathroom, warm up, and attend the pre-race brief.  If you are checking in on race day, we recommend arriving ONE HOUR before your start time.   

Portajohns:  Portajohns will be located next to the race start.

Pre-Race Brief:  The pre-race brief will begin 10 minutes before your race start time and will take place at the race start near the basketball and sand volleyball courts.

Race Start:  The Half Marathon will begin at 9am, the 10K at 9:20am, and the 5K at 9:40am.

Race Courses:  Each of the 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon courses start with .5 miles of wide road and paved trail before hitting the single-track trails.  After this beginning section, athletes will run along a combination of twisty single-track and wide equestrian trails.  There are plenty of passing opportunities spread throughout.  At the end of the race (and at the end of lap1 for the half marathoners), racers will run along grassy fields to the finish.  We would categorize these trails as minimally technical, with a few root and rock filled sections and several punchy hill climbs.  In terms of elevation gain, the one-loop 5K and 10k courses offer 227' and 530' of gain, respectively.  The two-loop Half Marathon course has 998' of gain.

Half Marathon:  CLICK HERE to view the course map and elevation profile. 
10K:  CLICK HERE to view course map and elevation profile. 
5K:  CLICK HERE to view the course map and elevation profile. 

Race Strategy/Trail Etiquette:  While there are plenty of passing opportunities spread throughout the courses, many of the single-track trails are narrow and passing may be difficult.  So, it is suggested that you factor this into your race strategy.  At the beginning of the race, there is about .5 miles of wide road and paved trail before entering the single-track.  So, it is recommended that you place yourself appropriately at the start line, with faster racers near the front, mid pack racers near the middle, and ‘back of pack’ runners near the rear.  Also, proper trail etiquette should be practiced.  Overtaking racers should use audible signals such as ‘passing on your left’ or ‘passing on your right’ and, when possible, slower racers should allow them to pass.  Keep in mind, however, that it is the responsibility of the overtaking racer to pass safely.  

Course Marking:  The course will be marked with red, yellow, or pink laminated arrows at all turns or areas of decision and pint surveyor’s tape tied to branches between points of decision.  Arrows will be tied to trees or stapled to wooden stakes.  There is one road crossing on the course, near the end of the race (at the end of both laps for the half marathoners).  You will see a CAUTION – ROAD CROSSING sign right before the crossing.  We will have a course marshal at the road crossing but PEASE BE CAREFUL AND LOOK BOTH WAYS BEFORE CROSSING.  

Splits and Merges:  There are two splits and two merges on this course.  The splits and merges will be marked with signage.     

•    Split #1 @ 1.9M – HM/10K runners turn left and 5K runners turn right.
•    Split #2 @ 5.6M – HM runners turn left and 10K runners turn right.
•    Merge #1 @ 2.3M (5K) / 5.5M (10K) – 10K and 5K merge.
•    Merge #2 @ 6.1M and 12.5 (HM) / 5.8M (10K) / 2.6M (5K) – HM and 10K/5K merge.

Mile Markers:  Yellow mile markers will be located at every aid station.    

Aid Stations:  Remember to STAY HYDRATED.  Aid stations will be stocked with water and Gatorade.  Use the cups provided or carry a camelback or handheld water bottle.  The Half Marathon has seven aid stations spaced 1.3-1.9 miles from each other.  For half marathoners, GU will be available at Aid 4 (mile 6.7).  The 10K has three aid stations spaced 1.3-1.9 miles from each other.  The 5K course has one aid station at mile 1.9.  First aid kits and emergency communication will be available at each aid station.  An aid station will also be positioned at the finish.

NO EARPHONES or LOUD AUDIBLE MUSIC:  The use of EARPHONES or LOUD AUDIBLE MUSIC that restricts hearing is not permitted during any Roadless Races event.  Why, you may ask?  Well, for the following three reasons:

  • Safety – we need to look out for each other!  Our courses are held on trails in remote areas.  If someone gets injured out on the trails, we rely on racers to notify us so we can activate emergency response.  Racers must be alert at all times.  
  • Courtesy – trail races are very different than road races.  Passing is usually not a problem in road races but passing can be a challenge on single-track hiking trails.  To pass safely, trail etiquette suggests using audible signals such as passing on your left.  Passing someone who can’t hear you is difficult and frustrating.
  • Community – at Roadless Races we strive to build community.  Please use your time with us to unleash yourself from your device, enjoy the sounds of nature, talk to people, make some friends, and have fun.    

No Dogs on the Course:  We love our furry friends, but for the safety of all racers (and dogs), they are not permitted on the race course.  Spectators are welcome to bring leashed and supervised dogs.

Photos:  Uber-talented professional photographer Mario Quivera will be at the race capturing the spirit of adventure and friendly competition.  All photos will be available for FREE download a few days after the event.  Smile big when you see Mario out on the trail! 

Chip Timing / Results:  Former Race Director of Run at the Rock, Mike Clark from Junction 311, will be timing the race.  Thank you, Mike!  Timing chips will be affixed to the back of your race bib.  Please wear your bib on the front of your body, either on your torso or on your shorts.  Results will be posted on-site and on following the conclusion of the event.   

Finisher Medal:  After you finish the race, grab your beautiful finisher medal – they are NICE!!!

Recovery and Medical:  Dr. Jill Sylvester and her team of medical pros from UNC Orthopaedics at Pittsboro will be on site offering their expert medical care to our athletes.  Stop by their tent after the race to assist with recovery or to patch up any boo boos.  Additionally, EMTs from EM Holt Fire Department will be on site assisting with any needed emergency response.  Thank you, UNC Orthopaedics at Pittsboro and EM Holt Fire Department!

Post-Race Food:  Cheryl Carden will be serving up her yummy HOT SOUP on race day – woohoo!  Please enjoy one cup of soup initially and then seconds (or thirds) after all have had an opportunity to partake. Other food items include fruit, trail bars, chips, cookies, trail mix, and little cups of M&Ms – enjoy!  Beverages include water, Gatorade, soft drinks, and tasty non-alcoholic craft beer from Athletic Brewing Company – NICE!  Food is complimentary for all racers and volunteers.  

Athletic Brewing Company – Craft Non-Alcoholic Beer:  A cold beer hits the spot after a race and now you can enjoy a tasty post-race craft beverage that doesn’t compromise your ability to stay sharp and healthy.  After the race, grab an Athletic Brewing Company beer and enjoy!  Also, take 10% off your first order of ABC beer when you order online using code RR10.  Thank you and cheers to Athletic Brewing Company!

FREE Kids Race for Treasure:  At 11:30am, kids aged 11 and under are invited to participate in the Kids Race for Treasure.  Fun, Fun, Fun!!!!  All kids are welcome to participate, and parents are encouraged to line the 'race course' to cheer them on.  Registration is not required for the kids race.  We will match kids in age groups (3-U, 4-5, 6-7, and 8-11) and have them run a short out and back race in the large field near the staging area.  After running, kids can grab a prize (toys from the dollar store:) from the Treasure Chest!  

Awards and Giveaways:  We will have two award ceremonies on Saturday, the 5K/10K awards at 11am and the Half Marathon awards at 12pm.  Awards (1st-5th place pint glasses) and prizes (Fleet Feet gift certificates) will be presented to the top five M/F overall finishers in each distance.  We will announce the overall winners and ask them to come up to the podium for their awards.  Awards (1st-3rd place pint glasses) will be given to the top three M/F age group competitors for each distance.  View posted results to see if you are in the top three of your age group.  Age group winners should pick up their pint glass from the awards table.  Age groups include 13-Under, 14-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+.  After all awards have been distributed, we will get a large group photo with the overall and age group award winners.  In addition to the awards, we have plenty of awesome stuff to give away from our sponsors!

Gift Certificates and Discount from Fleet Feet:  Building community and helping their customers reach their running goals is what Fleet Feet is all about. Thank you so much to Fleet Feet Greensboro for contributing gift certificates for the overall prizes and discounts to all racers.  Attend early check-in/packet pick up at the Greensboro store on Thursday 12/1 and take 10% off your purchase.  Nice!   

Push-Up Contest and Running Shoe Giveaway from Brandon Jozwiak of Nest Realty:  Local real estate pro, Brandon Jozwiak from Nest Realty, has provided some sweet swag for us to give away at the race, including two $150 gift certificates to Fleet Feet Greensboro, which will be up for grabs as random giveaways.  Also, he is providing more nice stuff to give away at the push up contest, which will take place at 11:45am.  Yes, we said push up contest!  Anyone that participates in the contest will win a prize and the top two M/F participants who are left 'standing' at the end will win an awesome prize, such as foam rollers or Goodr sunglasses.  A big THANK YOU to Brandon for generously supplying these awesome prizes. 

Awesome Sponsors:  THANK YOU to all our generous sponsors for providing product, services, donations, and giveaways in support of grassroots racing and our community.  Please show your love and support our sponsors in any way you can.  Athletic Brewing Company, Brandon Jozwiak from Nest Realty, Fleet Feet – Greensboro, and UNC Orthopaedics at Pittsboro.  

Whew, I know that was a lot – thank you for taking the time to read this message and THANK YOU for participating in Run at the Rock.  Prepare for an excellent day on the trails!

If you have any questions, feel free to call or email me.  

See you this Sat.


Jim Harman
Race Director
Roadless Races

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